100+ Chinese Food Puns & Jokes That Are Unbelieva-Bao

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If you’re on the hunt for Chinese food puns – we have good news and bad news. In terms of good, you’ve certainly come to the right place. As for the bad, well – you’re definitely a-Bao to roll your eyes and cringe.

…. A lot.

Don’t worry though! You are entering a judgment free zone. Whether for an Instagram caption, a cute note, or hey, even to annoy readers on a food blog like we do, we’re not going to question why exactly you’re here…

Instead, we’re just going to unquestioningly hand over the supreme list of ultra cheesy and cringey Chinese food themed puns that we’ve assembled, and let you do your thing.

We hope that you find this list of Chinese food puns and jokes helpful, and that our shameless food pics brainwash you into trying our recipes someday too.

… Enjoy!

Random Chinese Food Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

Let’s start with some cute Chinese food puns based on popular dishes, from Chinese takeout classics to other chicken, pork, beef, or vegetarian favorites. Toss these into your next Instagram caption, whether paired with a photo of tasty takeout or a homemade meal, and watch the likes (or at least the pity chuckles) roll in.

These appetizers are int-eggroll to my diet.

Our meal last night was (General) TSO good.

Was gonna make a Chinese food pun but I figured that was too Lo, Mein.

This starter wasn’t just good… it was egg drop Souper.

Just call me Hot and Sour Souperman.

Those wonton noodles were soup-erb.

Fried rice & shine, baby.

Gotta live it up while we’re still (Egg Foo) Young.

Livin’ life, eating whatever I Wonton my own terms.

This meal was stirfries-ingly delicious.

Frankly, this meal wok’d my world.

Whoever cooked my meal tonight clearly wok’d it.

Fortune-ately, our takeout came with cookies for dessert.

This meal beef and broc’d my world.

Always thought of myself as Lo Mein-tenance.

Dinner tonight was unbelieva-bao.

Tonight’s meal was pretty flawless. No Kung Pao-laints on my end! 

This soup was Egg-xactly what I needed. Every last Drop!

Can’t You Tiao how much I enjoyed my meal?

Miss Congee-niality, over here.

Ah, Chinese food has so many great choy-ces.

I’m a pretty chill Gai (lan).

They said they were putting Chinese melons in my meal and I asked “Qua are you doing?” 

I love Peking at the menu before a Chinese feast. 

Ah, just my duck! 

I take my Roasted Pork very char-siuriusly.

Finally found Mapo-rpose in life… eating this magnificent tofu. 

Photo via our Mapo Tofu Recipe

These crispy pancakes are scallion-dolously delicious.

Excited for the hot and sour soup? That makes you and me broth! 

I loved this suey much! 

My girlfriend brought me to an amazing new Chinese restaurant and it’s safe to say Szechuan my heart.

Dang, this meal really brought me to my Canto-knees.

Not ordering the beef and broccoli would be a huge missed steak.

I wasn’t gonna try the rice cakes but I decided to give them a Gao.

I usually prefer a fork but these chopsticks will do in a pinch.

Orange you glad we decided to be chicken this place out? 

I really lemon-t the amount of chicken I had leftover 😩

This meal was really made for sesaME.

Feeling all kinds of Kung Pao-werful with this meal in my system.

Was feeling a little ill but after this meal, I’ve Bean Curd.

Eating good Chinese food is very imporktant to me.

Never had Chinese food this good Beef-ore 

I’m on a Chinese seafood diet. I sea food and I eat it.

You’ll never try Chinese seafood this good, that’s a prawn-mise. 

They asked me when I would get full at the giant Chinese feast. I told them my mom didn’t raise a ban-quitter. 

To new beginnings and egg-citing tarts.

I consider myself a master at wok/life balance.

Stay wok, my friends.

Photo via our Egg Tarts Recipe

Rice Puns

Of course, we couldn’t do a roundup of Chinese food puns without including some rice-specific options. Here are some of our favorites, but be sure to check out our full list of Rice Puns for more.

Sugar, spice & everything rice.

Don’t worry, be happy… cuz every little thing is gonna be all rice.

I like to rice to the occasion.

Welcome to the rice age.

Good things are on the horice-on.

The rice is right.

No pain, no grain.

Mid life crice-is. 

Havin’ a bowl, as usual.

Rice for dinner? Count me (jasm)in 

This fried rice really woks

Noodle Puns

Need a Chinese noodle pun? Here are some more punny ideas. If you like these, check out our full list of Noodle Puns for more.

Slurp’s up.

Never a noodull moment.

What a truly nood-iful moment.

This dish was Noodifully done.

Life is noodiful.

Noodles are my Mein hobby.

Noodles are the best things in life. You know what I Mein? 

Girls just wanna have Fun. 

They asked me how many grams of noodles I wanted. I told them I wanted wonton noodles.

What a bowl-tiful moment.

It’s a nood dawn, it’s a nood day…

Photo via our Yi Mein Recipe – one of the best Chinese New Year foods to prepare

Dim Sum Puns

We love dim sum, so it only made sense to honor it with its own little section on this list of Chinese food themed puns. Now, let’s dim sum lights and get the party started…

You dim sum, you lose some.

When it comes to dim sum, I’m a total basket case.

Been there, dan dat, am I right?

Dim sum gives me Siu Mai-ch joy.

Been waiting a long time for this dim sum spread. It’s a Bao time!

You are Siu Mai type

Let it Gao

Keep calm and Cheong Fun

Ham Sui hungry, I Gok to eat this

Can I Taro you a secret? I love dim sum

No Jook, this dish is perfection

I couldn’t help but Lotus how tasty this all was

I love Hiking. Sorry, I meant Hai Kim. 

I love when we all get Oolong.

Dumpling Puns

Dumplings are hands down one of the best Chinese appetizers of all time. Here are some punny captions to pair with your enjoyment.

Catching Fillings over here…

When dumplings are involved, let’s just say I have a Wonton disregard for calories.

I have a Filling I might need more dumplings after this.

Decided to treat myself to Dumpling delicious.

Let’s give them something to talk a Bao

I’ve been Wonton this a long time

These dumplings are soup-er 

Getting dump’d never tasted so good.

Down in the dumps.

Punny Chinese Food Jokes

Last but not least, if you need a corny Chinese food-themed dad joke, why not bust out one of these…

What do you call it when your Chinese takeout order comes without cookies?

How much does an order of Chinese takeout weigh?

What did the customer say at the Chinese restaurant when the server asked if he wanted his chicken spicy?
“Make it Tso” 

Why did the Chinese duck get disqualified from hide and seek?
He was a Peking duck.

Why did the customer make sure to order beef and broccoli?
He knew if he didn’t, it’d be a missed steak.

Why did the customer leave the Chinese supermarket?
There were too many Choy-ces.

What did they say when the chef managed to find a bag of rice during lunch rush when they thought the restaurant was out?
Rice-is averted!

What do you call a super talented Asian chef?
A wokstar.

What would Dwayne Johnson be called if he pursued culinary arts instead of acting?
Dwayne the Wok Johnson 

Why did nobody want to hang out with the Chinese noodles?
Because they were Mein.

Why did the prawn dumpling run away?
He Ha to Gao.

Why is Cheong fun the most popular dim sum?
Because people like how it rolls.

Why do they call it dim sum?
Because you get lots of food… and dim sum.

Did we miss any of your favorite Chinese Food puns or jokes?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more to our list!

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