The Best Chinese Takeout Recipes You Must Try ASAP

Want to try making your favorite takeout dishes at home? These recipes all come from a retired Chinese chef, and are sure to wok your world. Read on for some of our favorite Chinese takeout recipes.

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If you’re looking simple but delicious Chinese takeout recipes to recreate at home, welcome! You have certainly come to the right place.

Papa G’s first ever business was a tiny Chinese takeout, where he’d whip up all the Westernized Chinese classics en masse day in and day out. Even when he moved onto his full service restaurant, mountains of fried rice, buckets of sweet and sour pork, and giant pots full of egg drop soup continued to be part of his daily routine.

… And mine too. As a young ‘restaurant kid’, I practically had sweet and sour sauce running through my veins, as I grew up eating fresh takeout dishes every day.

All this to say, our family and Chinese takeout dishes go way back... and to this day, I’m still their biggest defender when people dismiss them as unhealthy or inauthentic. While sure, Westernized Chinese food is often not the same as Chinese home-style cooking or the food served at China’s most traditional restaurants, it still hits the spot… every time.

… And you’ll be surprised to see how simple it can be to make some of them for yourself at home!

Below, you’ll find a roundup of this site’s top Chinese takeout recipes, from mouthwatering appetizers and side dishes to flavor-packed mains that you can easily make for yourself at home, with help from real restaurant recipes via Papa G.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls

Looking for one of the most iconic Chinese takeout appetizers? Look no further than these delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls.

Consisting of tender chicken chunks dunked in batter, then deep fried to golden perfection, this Chinese answer to nuggets is a true culinary masterpiece when dipped into their addictive sweet and sour sauce.

Check out our full Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls recipe for more details.

Seafood Spring Rolls

No takeout order is complete without a few crispy spring rolls, and while this Seafood Spring Roll recipe is a bit fancier than your usual takeout spring roll (often stuffed with just a few sad bites of limp cabbage), you won’t turn back after learning how easy it is to make these impressive Spring Rolls for yourself.

Check out our full Seafood Spring Rolls recipe for more details.

Vegan Spring Rolls

And hey, if you’re looking for a vegan alternative to the spring rolls from Chinese takeout, then these Vegan Spring Rolls are a must-try.

There’s cabbage inside as usual, but the end product is enhanced with a delicious mix of crunchy and umami-packed vegetables, seasoned to perfection. Don’t be surprised if you actually like these more than non-vegan ones.

Check out our full Vegan Spring Rolls recipe for more details.

Chicken and Corn Egg Drop Soup

When it comes to Chinese soups, few are as well known around the world as egg drop soup. Virtually every takeout menu on the planet will have a version of this somewhere, and as you probably already know, it always hits the spot.

This version adds chicken and corn to create a heartier version of the meal. Perfect as a starter, or just a light snack on its own, you won’t believe how easy it is to make.

Check out our Chicken and Corn Egg Drop Soup recipe for more details.

Hot and Sour Soup

Another popular Chinese takeout soup is hot and sour soup – made up of a slew of hearty ingredients like tofu, pork, carrots, and mushrooms, all bathed in a perfectly spicy and tangy broth.

If you’re looking for a tasty starter or light meal on its own, you really can’t go wrong with this soup, which is surprisingly easy to whip together at home.

Check out our full Hot and Sour Soup recipe for more details.

Chicken Fried Rice

Ah – what Chinese takeout order is complete without some delicious egg fried rice?

Of all the possible add-ins, chicken is one of our favorites. Juicy and delicious enough to add some heartiness to the meal, but neutral enough to not overpower.

What we love about chicken fried rice is it can make a great side dish to go with a number of other takeout classics… and you can actually whip it up in just a few minutes!

Check out our full Chicken Fried Rice recipe for more details.

Chicken Chow Mein

Another side dish that’s beloved across all Chinese takeout menus is the almighty Chicken Chow Mein.

Slurp-worthy noodles combined with crunchy vegetables and bits of tender chicken… what’s not to love? Whip up a batch of these for dinner and watch as every little bit gets inhaled.

Check out our full Chicken Chow Mein recipe for more details.

Beef and Broccoli

Of all the “main courses” that Chinese takeout places have to offer, we’d venture to guess that Beef and Broccoli is easily among the top five.

In this recipe, juicy beef and crunchy broccoli come together in perfect harmony with a delicious savory sauce.

Check out our full Beef and Broccoli recipe for more details, or (if you’re looking to mix things up a little), check out our Beef with Chinese Broccoli (AKA Gai Lan) recipe.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Another dreamy Chinese takeout classic is Sweet and Sour Pork.

In this dish, deep fried pieces of battered pork are combined with juicy chunks of pepper and pineapple to create THE ultimate indulgence slathered in a sweet yet tangy sauce.

It’s absolutely perfect with rice, but we won’t tell anyone if you choose to whip up some chow mein to go with it too.

Check out our full Sweet and Sour Pork recipe for more details.

Cashew Chicken

For a lighter Chinese takeout dish that doesn’t skimp on flavor, Cashew Chicken is a must-try.

Juicy chicken, crunchy cashew nuts, and delicious pepper chunks come together in this dish, which is bound together with a clear, flavor-packed sauce.

Check out our full Cashew Chicken recipe for more details.

Kung Pao Chicken

Need a little spice in your life? Kung Pao Chicken is a Chinese takeout dish that will happily set your tastebuds on fire.

(In the most delicious possible way)

With succulent chicken, crunchy peppers, and a tongue-numbing sauce, we advise you consume this one over top a bed of jasmine rice.

Check out our full Kung Pao Chicken recipe for more details.

Ginger Beef

While a purely Canadian invention, Ginger Beef has (over the years) become a beloved meal featured in Chinese takeout menus across North America.

In this dish, thin strips of deep fried beef are drenched in an addictive sweet sauce, perfect on its own or with a tasty side dish of rice or noodles.

… And surprise – it’s actually easy to make at home!

Check out our full Ginger Beef recipe for more details.

Stir-Fried Beef with Ginger and Green Onion

Sometimes, simple is best, and we can offer this delicious Stir-Fried Beef with Ginger and Green Onion as proof.

This simple beef dish is quick to put together, and is packed with flavor thanks to its liberal use of aromatics like ginger and green onion. Follow this recipe and you’ll want to cook your beef this way again and again.

Check out our full Stir-Fried Beef with Ginger and Green Onion recipe for more details.

Did We Miss Any of Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Dishes?

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