50+ Rice Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That Are Surp-rice-ingly Clever

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If you’re looking for cute rice puns and jokes to win over all the pun enthusiasts in your life (or annoy the haters), then you’ve certainly come to the rice place.

We’re mega-fans of both rice and puns, so it only felt natural to combine those passions for this incredibly nerdy and sad corner of the Internet.

And while on this blog, we focus primarily on Chinese rice dishes, that’s not to say we don’t love rice just generally… as a concept.

Fried or steamed, sticky or creamy, long grain or short grain, we’re addicted to rice, rice, baby… and of course very much in love with making puns about it as well.

So, below, you’ll find the cheesiest, cringiest, and most adorable (maybe) list of rice puns on the Internet, whether you need them for Instagram captions, cute notes, or annoying people on your food blog.

(How meta)

Anyways, we hope you find this list of rice puns helpful! We definitely tried our best to rice to the occasion… and excuse the shameless rice pics that are there to brainwash you into trying our recipes.

Generic Rice Puns and Wordplay for Instagram Captions 

As rice enthusiasts ourselves, we’re not going to question why you’re currently scouring the Internet for punny rice-themed Instagram caption ideas. Fret not, my friend, this is a judgment free zone. So, whether to go with a photo of rice or a photo of YOU with rice, here are some cute, generic, rice caption ideas:

Rice to meet you.

Sugar, spice & everything rice.

Don’t worry, be happy… cuz every little thing is gonna be all rice.

I like to rice to the occasion.

Rice to meet you, where you been?

Rice, rice, baby.

Rice and shine, baby.

This meal was mesme-ricing.

Got this whole dish and menu memo-riced.

A song of rice and fire.

Welcome to the rice age.

Good things are on the horice-on.

I’ve been known to overindulge on carbs when the occasion a-rices.

Have a rice day! 

Alright, no more Mr Rice guy.

Rice guys definitely don’t finish last.

A rice-ted development.

My favourite time of day? Sun-rice.

Feelin’ cold as rice these days.

The best laid plans of rice and men… 

Keeping my eyes on the p-rice.

The rice is right.

Priceless moments, not riceless moments.

Can’t wait to eat this meal agrain.

No pain, no grain.

Mid life crice-is. 

Rice-s on infinite earths.

So beautiful, I can’t believe my rice. 

Can’t take my rice off of you. 👀

Forget restaurant food. I’m all about rice-taurant food.

Havin’ a bowl, as usual.

Rice Puns for Specific Types and Dishes

Looking for something a little more specific? Apparently there are over 40,000 types of rice out there, so it feels only right that we have some even nicher rice puns for you, as if rice-related wordplay wasn’t niche enough.

Basmati Rice Puns:

  • So are we doing rice for dinner or what? Don’t be such a basma-tease

Jasmine Rice Puns:

  • Rice for dinner? Count me (jasm)in 
  • This dish and I were jas-meant to be

Fried Rice Puns: 

  • This fried rice really woks
  • This fried rice has simply wok’d my world 

Paella Puns:

  • Do I want Spanish rice for dinner? Pae-yeah I do 
  • So sad this meal is over, I want to cry-aella

Risotto Puns:

  • Don’t worry, even if you said you didn’t like risotto, I’d arborio no resentment towards you
  • I mean I knew I was starving, but I never thought I’d risotto this
  • Risott-ohhh yeah

Pilaf Puns:

  • You don’t think rice is the best side dish ever? Oh, don’t make me Pilaf

Nasi Lemak/Nasi Goreng Puns:

  • Nasi to see you a-grain
  • What a s’nasi day to be enjoying rice

Jollof Rice Puns: 

  • You’ve never tried this dish before? Oh trust me, Jollof it

Punny Rice Jokes

Last but not least, if you need a good rice-themed dad joke to bust out, here are some foolproof options that will earn you at least an eye roll and pity chuckle.

Why did the Asian chef have no patience with his customers?
They were always trying to get a rice out of him.

Why did the Asian chef cry when he saw photos from his family vacation to Antarctica?
Because they were riceless.

Why didn’t the rice grains want to leave the party?
They were having such a bowl.

What did they say when the chef managed to find a bag of rice during lunch rush when they thought they were out?
Rice-is averted!

What did Bob Barker say when he got his side dishes at the Chinese restaurant?
The rice is right.

What did one piece of rice say to the other at the end of their meeting?
Well it was nice to see you a grain.

What do they call a Spanish rice dish that likes to greet people?
A hi-aella.

What do they call a Spanish rice dish that likes to bend the truth?
A lie-aella.

What do they call a Spanish rice dish that is always sobbing?
A cry-aella.

What did the Spanish rice dish say at the end of the meal?

Did we miss any of your favorite rice puns?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more fun rice-related wordplay to our list!

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