20+ Tofu Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That Are Just Soy Good

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Looking for tofu puns? We can con-firm that you are indeed in the right place.

Here at Wok Your World, we’re clearly not above some good wordplay, which we try to inject into every recipe we publish, whether we’re tackling Chinese takeout classics or other chickenporkbeef, or vegetarian favorites.

We’ve previously written up a mega-list of Chinese Food Puns, but today we’re turning our sights to Tofu puns that are soy good, you won’t believe what you’ve curd!

We hope that you find this list of tofu puns and jokes helpful, and that our shameless tofu pics brainwash you into trying our recipes sometime too.

Photo via our Mapo Tofu Recipe

Generic Tofu Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

In need of a cutesy tofu pun for Instagram, or maybe for sending someone a fun note? Either way – no judgment here. Below you’ll find some generic ideas for tofu-themed puns that work for a wide variety of occasions.

I’m Soy happy I ordered tofu.

Never knew tofu could be this good! Honestly it never o-curd to me.

Tofu or not tofu, that is the question.

Wha tofuuuu am I eating?

What a tofu-riffic feast.

My favourite food? Tofu’d. 

I’m not just a foodie, I’m a tofu-die

Wanted to make a tofu joke but that would’ve been tasteless.

Who made tofu Soy delicious? 

I soydom order tofu but I’m starting to realize that’s a mistake…. 

Beyond ex-soy-ted to dig into this tofu! 

Thought the portion would be bigger but eh… tofu luck 🤷🏻‍♀️

Never knew I could’ve Curd this much about tofu.

Did I enjoy this tofu? A firm-tive.

Decided to get some tasty tofu instead of just silken around the house.

The chef fixed me up some tofu based on my personal preferences… honestly never felt like I’ve bean curd quite like this before. 

Ageda-sheeeeeesh that’s good 

Wow I’m Mapo’lled I’d never tried this kind of tofu before.

Punny Tofu Jokes

And if you’re looking for tofu-related jokes, you’re in luck. Here are some truly corny tofu jokes for you to bust out.

Why did the soft tofu often get bullied?
He wasn’t firm enough with his peers.

Why did everyone hate the joke about tofu?
Because it was tasteless.

What is tofu’s favourite drink? 

Why was the patient so excited when his doctor prescribed tofu?
He had bean curd!

What do you call sheep that love tofu?

How did the tofu know his way around the restaurant so well?
He had a Mapo it.

Did we miss any of your favorite Tofu Puns?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more tofu wordplay to our list!

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