50+ Wok Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That’ll Wok Your World

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Whether you need wok puns for Instagram captions, dad jokes, or annoying your friend groups, we are about to wok your world with the grandest list the Internet has ever seen.

As they say, wok smarter, not harder.

And since the name of this blog is literally an embarrassing wok pun, you can rest assured we have no qualms with the occasional piece of cookery wordplay… which we tend to incorporate into all our recipes, from Chinese noodle dishes and Chinese rice dishes to takeout classics, or even Chinese desserts.

So, keep scrolling for a list of fun wok themed puns and wordplay that you can use for Instagram captions, Facebook captions, TikToks and beyond… just don’t use them for your food blog. That’s our thing.

… Just kidding – do wok-ever you want with them – we don’t gatekeep.

Photo by Tiago Pedro on Unsplash

Wok Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions About Cooking

Whether you’re posting a snap of you cooking, or simply posing with your delicious creations, odds are a wok pun might be just the thing you need. Well, if a punny wok caption is the last thing on your mind after all that hard wok, here are some ideas to steal.

Let’s wok and roll.

We will, we will, wok you.

Let’s wok and talk, baby.

Mmm wok you say?

Wok the eff just happened? 

Chinese cooking is no wok in the park.

Wok on, my friend.

Let’s wok this way.

Say wok? 

What can I say? I’m a hard woker. 

I’ve been blessed with a strong wok ethic.

I consider myself a master at wok/life balance.

Woking hard, or hardly woking? 

If cooking was acting, I’d be an A-lister. Just call me Wok-in Phoenix.

Can you smellllll what the wok is cooking? 

Just call me Dwayne the Wok Johnson.

You like long walks on the beach, I prefer large woks in the kitchen.

I love cooking. I’m like a wok ‘em sock em robot.

Wok-anda forever. 

Baby, let me wok your world.

I may not be musically talented but I am a wokstar.

Wok smarter, not harder.

I may not do a lot of exercise but I do wok a lot.

I’m wok’in on sunshine…

Was having a bad day but I figured it was best to wok it off.

Don’t wrong me or I’ll make sure I wok all over you.

As the saying goes, you gotta prep before you wok.

A wok to remember.

Wok Puns for Instagram Captions About Food / Eating

Of course, wok puns are good for more than just instances where you’re cooking. If you feel like a wok pun would be perfect for your next food photo, then here are some Instagram caption ideas that would work for that.

I’ve never been the same since Asian food decided to wok into my life.

After trying this delicious dish, I could never wok away.

Mm wok would I do without you, [insert dish name]?

This [insert dish name] has truly wok’d my world.

To the chef that made this, wok on.

Not gonna lie, this dish wok’d.

Whoever cooked this meal certainly had a strong wok ethic.

Stay wok, my friends.

Will definitely be in a food coma soon, but I guess I wok’d into that one.

Eating this was like woking on sunshine.

Listen, eating this much is certainly hard wok.

This was so good – wok the heck?!

Punny Wok Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re in the market for cringey wok related dad jokes, then here are a few to bust out.

Why did the chef have a terrible time showering?
The hotel had a wok in shower.

What do you call a super talented Asian chef?
A wokstar.

What would Dwayne Johnson be called if he pursued culinary arts instead of acting?
Dwayne the Wok Johnson 

Why did the Asian chef struggle to balance his work at the restaurant? 
He didn’t have anything to wok on.

What is an Asian chef’s key to success? 
A strong wok ethic.

What do you call it when a bunch of Asian chefs go on strike? 
A wok out.

What did they shout at the Asian chef’s surprise birthday party?

Why did the Asian chef need to visit a sleep therapist?
He couldn’t stop sleep wok-ing.

Why did the Asian chef insist on always working with a team?
He didn’t like to wok alone.

Did you hear about the Asian chef who had to choose between two difficult options?
Yeah, he was stuck between a wok and a hard place.

Why did the Asian chef hate making eggs?
He hated wok-ing on eggshells.

Did we miss any of your favourite wok puns or jokes?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more wok puns to our list!

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