50+ Bubble Tea and Boba Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions

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If you’re looking for bubble tea / boba puns, sip-rise! You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect boba pun to finish off an Instagram caption, or maybe a cute bubble tea pun to attach to a gift, we’ve spent a (sad) amount of time brainstorming the cheesiest, cringiest, and most adorable list of boba-themed puns on the Internet.

… After all, this blog is called “Wok Your World” and we incorporate cheesy puns into our recipes whenever possible, whether we’re cooking up delicious Chinese noodle dishes, Chinese rice dishes, Takeout classics, or even Chinese desserts.

So, keep scrolling for a list of fun boba themed puns and wordplay that you can use for Instagram captions, Facebook captions, TikToks and beyond.

Generic Bubble Tea and Boba Puns/Wordplay for Instagram Captions

Whether to post a cute photo of your latest boba treat, or maybe a sweet snap of you with said treat, you might be looking for a punny boba-themed caption to go with your best photos. If that’s the case, read on for some cute punny boba captions that will go great with your next photo (or reel, if you’re into that).

Feeling like an absolute cu-tea today.

Boba for breakfast? A ballsy choice.

Boba Tea ft. Bo-baddie. 

Just call me Boba Fat.

Forget diamonds – pearls are a girl’s best friends.

Pearl kinda girl.

Xoxo, go sip girl.

This sip has sailed.

Boba – what a mas-sip mood booster.

Pretty happy with my current sip-tuation. 

Dear boba, thank you for all your sip-port over the past few years. 

Sip’rise! I’m drinking boba again.

Why am I broke? Boba is the tapio-cause.

Having a tea-riffic day.

A day without boba would be tea-ribble.

Let me take you out for a boba date since you’re such a Teas. 

Bubble trouble.

Love boba-tentially.

Drink ten bobas in a day? I couldn’t possibly. That’d be bobaric.

Think I drink too many of these? That’s too boba’d.

My addiction to bubble tea is boba-line dangerous.

Bubble Tea and Boba Puns/Wordplay for Instagram Captions with Friends

Looking specifically for cute boba/bubble tea captions that work for group shots/photos with others? Here are some perfect examples of boba wordplay that pair perfectly with a boba-lly cute group photo.

Just two cu-teas enjoying their boba.

Just a few hot-teas with their bobas.

Sip, sip, hooray!

Life without you would be pretty tea-rrible.

Boba’ddies at it again.

You like to gossip, we like to go sip.


Cute Boba Puns for Gifts

Gifting someone a magical gift of boba? Take that gesture up a notch with a cute punny boba-themed note, like one of these:

Thanks for being part of my A Tea’m.

This one’s for you, Cu-Tea.

A bubble tea for my hot-tea.

I think you’re tea-riffic.

Sip’rise! Here’s a little treat for you.

Thanks for being the tapiocause of all my happiness.

You’re sip’ly the best.

Thank you for your constant sip-port.

Because I love to Teas you.

Flavour Specific Bubble Tea & Boba Puns

Generic boba puns not cutting it for you? Here are a few more ideas, based on your ideal boba flavor of choice.


  • Have a taro-ffic day!
  • A day without boba would be Taro-ble 


  • Love boba so matcha 
  • Me + boba = a Matcha made in Heaven 


  • Never underestimate how far a Mango for boba 

Thai Milk Tea 

  • Could never get Thai-rd drinking this 
  • Thai’m for boba 
  • Me getting boba again? It’s only a matter of Thai’m 


  • Loving this Boba berry much 
  • I know boba is expensive but please don’t Strawb me of my joy 


  • To those who say boba can’t make you happy, I say honeyDew 


  • Was gonna do a pun here but that’s real lychee-sy


  • Life’s a peach. 
  • Life has been pretty good lately. Cheers to boba for peach’ing in.


  • Boba and I are jasmine’t to be 


  • Move oolong, now
  • So happy that boba and my stomach get oolong
Photo by Chantel on Unsplash

Bubble Tea and Boba Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re in the market for cringey boba related dad jokes, then here are a few to bust out.

How do you pay for boba?
You tapiocard. 

What do sheep like do order from the cafe?

Why did the Taro boba ask the Matcha boba out on a date?
They were a cute tea.

What do you call someone who aggressively loves boba way too much?
A bobarian.

What did the bubble tea shop owner call his group of best sellers?
His A Tea’m.

What do boba teas shout during an unexpected party?

What do boba shop owners use to predict the future?
Taro cards.

Why did the boba shop employee quit after getting yelled at for giving a customer a pink straw?
Because that was the last straw.

Did we miss any of your Favorite Bubble Tea or Boba Jokes?

Let us know in the comments so we could possiply add more boba puns to our list!

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