25+ Steak & Beef Puns and Wordplay for Instagram Captions

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Hunting for beef puns, steak puns, or cute dad jokes to use in your Instagram captions?

Look no further. We’re so dorky around here that we’ve done all the leg work for you and compiled the ultimate list of beef puns for you to steal.

… We guarantee there are some you’ve never heard beef-ore.

Now, excuse the shameless beef pics that are there to brainwash you into trying our recipes and let’s get to the puns!

Steak & Beef Puns for Instagram Captions About Food

Whether to post alongside a nice steak dinner out, or some homemade meal you whipped up at home, here are some cute steak and beef puns that you can use for Instagram captions:

Now this is what I call a steakcation

This was unbeef-lievable

Turning a new beef here

Never had something this good beef-ore

I wasn’t going to order the beef but then I realized that would have been a huge missed steak

The steaks are high here

My dream job was always detective cuz I love a good steak out

Ah [insert name of restaurant], honestly where would I beef without you?

I was gonna eat all this myself, but that wouldn’t beef fair

Should I steak or should I go?

Photo via our Ginger Beef Recipe

Steak & Beef Puns for Instagram Captions About Cooking

If you’re looking for steak and beef puns that work for cooking content instead, then we’re pleased to say we (of course) have options for that too. Here are some ideas!

Wasn’t going to cook today but that would have been a missed steak

Raising the steaks with this new recipe

Ah my trusty kitchen: where would I beef without you?

Welp, never tried this recipe beef-ore

Mmmgh never made anything this good beef-ore

🎶 Just call my name, and I’ll beef there 🎶

If you don’t like what I’m making, I’ll probably beef myself up over it

My go to method for beef-riending people? Cook them some of this 😏

I wasn’t going to give any of this to others but I figured that wouldn’t beef fair

Was gonna go for an old recipe but figured that wouldn’t beef fun

Steakcation mode, activated

Punny Beef Jokes

Last but not least, if you need a good beef-themed dad joke to bust out, here are some foolproof options that will earn you at least an eye roll and pity chuckle.

Why did the short chef panic during his cooking competition?
The steaks were too high!

Have you heard about the chef who went to therapy and decided to open his own steak restaurant?
Yeah, he really turned a new beef.

Why did the chef refuse to make a vegetarian meal?
Because he knew it would be a missed steak.

Why did the police officers go out to eat?
Because they love a good steak out.

What do you call it when a steakhouse closes down for the holidays?
A steakcation.

Did we miss any of your favorite beef puns or jokes?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more silly beef puns to our list!

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